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#962 invalid ActivityIntermediator.TYPES doesn't allow plugins to use activities Jessica Tallon

With #905 we now have the activities that can be created when the user does something on GMG. However there is a fixed TYPES dictionary which doesn't allow plugins to add their models as objects which take part in activites.

The way this could be changed is to have a ActivityTypes table which is this map. The current TYPES can be populated by the FOUNDATIONS system and plugins can add themsleves to this table.

#5412 invalid Add "Accept-Ranges: bytes" response header and support for videos Mike Swierczek

For streaming large (greater than 1GB) WebM videos, support for the "Accept-Ranges: bytes" header indicates to the browser that partial content requests are supported. This allows the viewer to jump around the video without having to wait for the whole video to load.

To see this in action, take a large (greater than 1 GB) WebM file and load it onto Mediagoblin, and then try to watch it from the middle. Use the download link to open the video in its own browser tab, and try to watch it in the middle. Again, it will hang for a long time as the data buffers. If you use browser tools to examine the request, the request will have one HTTP 200 response.

Host the same video on nginx and watch it through the browser. You will be able to jump around the content as you like. If you examine the network traffic, there will be an HTTP 200 response for the first request and then HTTP 206 Partial Content responses for each click to navigate.

I'm going to try to figure this out myself, but Python isn't my normal playground. A Mediagoblin developer will probably be much faster.

#540 fixed Add "delete" function to MediaEntry spaetz

Just working on issue 302 (Delete your own account), noticing that deleting a MediaEntry and all related Comments / Files / Tags / Collections has to be done manually e.g. in user_pages/

It would make sense to provide a "delete()" function for MediaEntry that did all this work centrally. It would simplify the view functions and put the internal implementation details into the db models where they belong. It would also enable me to easily delete all user's media from the delete_user_account function without having to manually duplicate the thing.

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