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#182 fixed Logging in should take me back to the page where I clicked the login link Karen Rustad
Right now, it always takes me back to my profile. This is often an
interruption -- if I'm e.g. logging in to comment on someone's
photo, I then have to go to some other page to login, get sent to
my profile page, and then have to figure out how to get back to the
photo I wanted to comment on.

Ideally, logins ought to be entirely "in-place"--not require going
anywhere else. So the workflow would be: click upper-right login
link -> login fields appear via JS in the top right (or in an
overlay over the page, whichever) -> I enter my credentials and hit
the button -> Without refreshing, the page gets AJAXily updated to
reflect that I'm now logged in (different top-right links, 'edit'
links, comment fields, and the like appear in the appropriate
places on the page, etc), or a handy-dandy 'your login info didn't
work, foo'!' message appears in the top right.

#197 fixed Contributors to the code may be surprised to learn of PEP-8 Will Kahn-Greene Caleb Davis
I know I was...There are places in redmine mentioning PEP-8 style
(` <>`_),
but there is no prominent mention in the contributor docs. This
suggestion just came up again in IRC. This issue needs:

-  decide where to mention and link to PEP-8
-  add it to the contributor documentation

#201 fixed Video support Christopher Allan Webber Christopher Allan Webber
The codebase is maturing quickly towards something where we could
implement video support pretty soon.

There are several parts to this project:

-  Implementing multi-media class support (this probably needs its
   own ticket)
-  Add video processing code. We need someone with gstreamer
   experience... if someone can construct a generic gstreamer video
   encoding pipeline that would help things along by a lot.
-  Allow for dropping in multiple-media-type image support (again,
   part of the first bullet) and add one for video

If someone can help me with bullet #2 this can move along a lot

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