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#365 fixed Distinguish between media types (photo/video/audio etc) in thumbnails Blaise Alleyne
When viewing thumbnails of media, it's not clear whether any given
thumbnail is from a video clip or a still image until you click
through. It would be nice to signal the media type to users, in a
subtle way.

For example, on Flickr, a little play button appears in the corner
of thumbnails for video clips.
` <>`_

Adding a small play icon of sorts to the corner of video thumbnails
seems like a pretty good idea to signal the difference between
photos and videos.

#368 fixed Automatically fill in username if user already typed it before Jakob Kramer Jef van Schendel
Let's say you don't know your password. You:

-  Go to the log in page.
-  Type your username.
-  Try to type your password, but you can't, since you forgot. Or
   you type something but it turns out wrong. Or whatever.

Then, you can click on "Forgot your password?" and it'll go to a
new page that asks for your username or email. But you already
typed your username, so it should remember that and put it in the
text box for you. Then, you can choose to continue with that
username, or edit it.

#369 fixed Thread locally scoped gettext Jakob Kramer Christopher Allan Webber
Currently mediagoblin is not threadsafe, but really the only reason
for this is mg\_globals.gettext which is set at the start of every
request. So if there are two threads running in parallel these
might get clobbered.

However python has some thread-local scoping:
` <>`_

We could probably use that. SQLAlchemy has some thread-scoped
session, so theoretically it uses this, or we could look at what it
does use:
`\_session <>`_

Not super high priority as preforking does work fine-ish, but would
be very nice to have.

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