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#39 fixed OpenID support Sebastian Spaeth
This is probably not gonna happen for a long time, but I would love
to lobby for openID support at some point. I love the way you can
e.g. register at this redmine instance, prefilling your user data
and not needig a separate password.

There are a ton of openID providers out there already, yahoo,
google, launchpad, facebook(?), etc., so everyone has one already.

Feel free to assign this to a "way in the future" wishlist

#47 fixed It is possible to register 2 accounts with same email address Elrond Sebastian Spaeth
We can currently register two accounts with the same email address.
I am not sure if this is a feature or a bug, but it will be fun
when we implement the "forgot password" functionality. Can this be
limited on the database level or where would one check the

#55 fixed Need a paginator with tests Christopher Allan Webber
We need a nice paginator. We may also need a wrapper paginator task
(or just a specialized paginator) for mongodb queries.

` <>`_
would be a good starting point

-  Add paginator(s)
-  Make sure said paginator works efficiently with mongodb/mongokit
-  add tests

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