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#291 fixed New proposal for MediaGoblin front pages Jef van Schendel
Currently, when you install MediaGoblin, you'll get the standard
front page which decribes what MediaGoblin is, with the whole "Hi
there, media lover! MediaGoblin is..." bit (as you can see on
` <>`_).

I'd like to propose a different kind of front page. Since
MediaGoblin will be federated and all that, we'll have multiple
instances running, which people can customize as they want. One of
these could be a website for Pokemon images, while another one
could be for Harry Potter fanart. These will have different uses,
different audiences, different names and probably customized
styles. The only thing they have in common is that they're powered
by MediaGoblin.

So, I propose we kind of push the MediaGoblin "promotion" to the
background. We've already got "Powered by MediaGoblin, etc" in the
footer. I think we can remove the MediaGoblin logo in the top left,
since these sites won't *be* MediaGoblin but just *run* by it. Then
the front page could be used to explain what kind of website it is,
and maybe mention that you can use your MediaGoblin account here.

`Here's kind of what I have in mind. <>`_
The top one is the current edition, obviously. :)

What do you guys think?

#293 fixed Entering a non-ASCII password at registration causes error page Aleksej
During registration, if you enter a password containing non-ASCII
characters, GMG shows its general-purpose "Server Error" page, not
helpful to the user.

#302 fixed Support deletion of an account by its owner spaetz Aleksej

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