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#18 fixed make better sphinx templates Will Kahn-Greene
We use Sphinx to build the documentation. We need a better set of
templates so:

1. our docs look like our docs
2. our docs don't look like everyone else's docs
3. we can tweak the look-and-feel to make our docs more readable
   and usable

We should at least do a first pass of this for 0.0.1.

The templates are Jinja2 templates. It's possible we might be fine
with just adjusting the CSS.

#22 fixed Add scaling requirements to the deployment docs Christopher Allan Webber
We should talk about what kind of server requirements you'll need
for about what size deployment somewhere in the deployment docs.

We don't really know yet and this is probably way down the road, so
marking this as low priority for now. But once we start doing
deployments, it should become higher in priority!

#27 fixed API Support for Mobile Uploads joar Blaise Alleyne
This might be a bit broad and/or already considered elsewhere, but
having API support to upload media from third-party clients
(especially on mobile computers) would be a killer feature. For
example, on my N900, Maemo has share plugins which support Flickr,
Twitpic, etc., and integrate well into the build in camera

StatusNet implemented the Twitter API to allow for broad support,
but I'm only familiar with Flickr, not so much Picasa or Deviant
Art or other platforms. Would it make sense to implement (parts of)
the Flickr API here to benefit from that same kind of support? Is
there another API to consider? Or does it make more sense to create
something new?

` <>`_

The feature request end goal is having some kind of API support for
third-party upload clients, especially on mobile devices. Not sure
if this has been considered, or what the best way to do this is.

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