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#99 FIXED redo website Will Kahn-Greene Will Kahn-Greene
The website used to be in MoveableType and on the Foocorp servers.
We've moved the site over to our own server now. We don't want to
stick with MT, though, so we need to set up a web system thing.


1. can't suck
2. preferably python so we can fiddle with it
3. allows for blog entries, rss feeds, ...
4. web front-end
5. easy to use for non-Will people

I'm tossing around using PyBlosxom. We could generate the website
like we're doing docs right now where it's statically generated
with the source and the script in a repository.

I plan on working on this at the end of June when I get back.

#122 fixed set us up on openhatch Will Kahn-Greene
I haven't checked out the state of things, so I don't know where
they're at.

MediaGoblin should have a solid presence on OpenHatch
(` <>`_). This includes:

-  asking and answering the big questions on the project page
-  setting openhatch up to track our bitesized bugs (see issue
   `#382 </issues/382>`_)
-  getting a workflow set up so that when someone is interested in
   helping out, someone is notified and someone reaches out

#127 FIXED move mailing list to new server Will Kahn-Greene Will Kahn-Greene
We currently have a development-focused mailing list on the social
server. We want to move this over to our own server.

OpenHatch has a ` <>`_
mailing list. I was thinking we'd do the same and create
` <>`_ .

I have mailman already set up, so the things that need to be done

1. test the mailman installation
2. create the list
3. tell the people on the old list, "yo, we've moved the
   list--subscribe to the new one"
4. figure out what to do with archives (gmane?)

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