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#14 FIXED flesh out design decisions in docs Christopher Allan Webber Will Kahn-Greene
One of the things we're adding to the manual is a chapter on design
decisions. This is important for two reasons:

1. people new to the project can read it, learn what we've decided
   so far, and why
2. people new to the project can glean more about how we plan to do
   what we're doing
3. head off "why didn't you do xyz?" questions which the project
   team has discussed, decided, and moved on
4. gives us a good resource for re-evaluating decisions later on
   down the road when necessary
5. gives people working on other projects a good resource for
   working through these sorts of decisions more quickly for their

For April 30th, we need to do the following:

1. format the question and answer sections in an appropriate way
2. add sections that should be covered that aren't yet
3. add a workflow bit at the bottom for how to add questions in the

#15 FIXED flesh out contributing howto Will Kahn-Greene
The documentation will have a howto on contributing. This is in
addition to the hacking howto. We decided last week that it was a
good idea to have two separate chapters so that we can more easily
focus on getting non-code contributors into the project.

For April 30th, the contributing howto should have the following

1. filing bugs
2. translating
3. hacking -- which refers to the hacking howto
4. theming -- which refers to the theming howto (which will be a
   stub for April 30th)
5. where to go when you get stuck

We should have a section for each kind of work we need help with.
What other sections should it have?

Adding everyone to the watch list on this one because it needs more

#16 FIXED beardomatic chapter in docs Will Kahn-Greene Will Kahn-Greene
Chris is tentatively calling the stack we're using Beardomatic.
This stack needs some documentation to make it a lot easier to work
with for existing and new contributors. This documentation would
include the following:

1. the components in the software stack
2. how to create a new view
3. how to add something to the database
4. ...

Adding Chris to the watcher list so he can expound on the above

We currently have a "softwarestack" chapter. I think we should
rework that into a Beardomatic chapter and cover all the other
things in there.

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