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#340 wontfix E-mail messages should include IP address of the person who caused the mailing. Aleksej
E-mail messages send by request from the Web (e.g. e-mail address
verification e-mail, password recovery e-mail) should include the
IP address of the requester.

That will help the receiver decide if the message is legitimate.

A minor privacy issue might exist (message with the IP address
going through mail servers).

#371 fixed UTF-8 "ascii art" is broken (wrong encoding) joar Aleksej
` <>`_

The text in the file is "Feli?an superjaron", but it appears as
"Feliĉan superjaron!", both on its page and in the thumbnail
(though the thumbnail is too small to see if "‰" is rendered).

#373 fixed Functional testing plan (test cases, e.g. for non-technical manual pre-release testing) Aleksej
Some quotes from IRC: ======


    <paroneayea> I think there's two things to that, we could use more unit tests, but we could also really use a functional testing plan
                 that is, a list of steps that somewhere before release time people can go through and test the software and make sure everything is working as expected
    <paroneayea> we could probably use omgmg for it.
    <AVRS> Mozilla uses Litmus, but it's going to be replaced.
    <paroneayea> even just a wiki page detailing procedures would be good, but a better tool like Litmus or a replacement would be nice
    <paroneayea> so this type of testing is less technical
                 it's more like you list a whole bunch of steps to test
                 like, submit a large image, see if it resizes right
                 register with a goofy username, see if it breaks
                 make sure that all of the expected functionality works from a user-clicking-through perspective


Example of Litmus test results:
`\_results.cgi?test\_run\_id=83 <>`_

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