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#482 wontfix Let the uploader choose a background color for the image (for images with transparency). Aleksej

An image can have transparent background, and foreground of a color close to the theme’s page background color. A GMG instance can contain images of different colors, so choosing an instance with an appropriate theme for an image is not a good solution. ;)

It would be good to allow the uploader choose a background color for (one or more):

  • the area behind the thumbnail;
  • the area behind the thumbnail and some around it;
  • the whole page or a little less;
  • the thumbnail to be generated.
#483 fixed Default “empty” background does not work for Airy Jef van Schendel Aleksej

An empty user page bio or gallery shows a background made of dots:

.empty_space {

background-image: url("../images/empty_back.png"); font-style: italic; text-align: center; height: 160px; padding-top: 70px;


The default dots are intended for black background, on which they are almost invisible, so they don’t interfere with the text that shows over them.

But on Airy’s light background, they make text (especially green one) hard to read.

#484 cant-reproduce newer/older buttons can have different height Aleksej

When the words on the prev/next buttons are of different length, the buttons can sometimes have a different height (e.g. one line or 2 lines):

Can they be forced to have the same height? They seem always to be arranged horizontally anyway.

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