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#606 invalid Make sure thumbnail sizes are the same when subscribe to remote instance Arthur Lutz

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A bigger concern is, "what to do about mismatched thumbnail sizes?" and other display issues. OpenPhoto currently takes the approach where you can request any image size you want and it'll make and cache it for you on the fly. We can't really do that for MediaGoblin: this doesn't really work for audio and video (and while I like the idea I'm still not sure it's a great one for images either, especially not given MediaGoblin's processing infrastructure). If we want galleries to really look nice across instances it would be good to agree on some "common" thumbnail sizes and etc, as well as having adaptive CSS for the cases where a "good fit" thumb is not provided.

Maybe have a negotiation when subscribing and give the user the choice between :

  • html resize from original thumbnail - might be nasty
  • image resize on user's server - uses up space
#608 no-action Implement pushing of remote deletion Arthur Lutz

When instance B is subscribed to instance A and photo X is deleted from instance A it would be nice for instance A to "notify" instance B of this deletion. This would trigger the deletion on instance B (unless instance B has modified code).

Maybe Salmon can be of use here :

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#609 duplicate Sharing of private collections Arthur Lutz

On the federated sharing/subscription model, there should be a way of doing the following scenario :

  • user A on instance A decides that collection X is only viewable by users B and C and remote user D
  • remote user D will only "receive" the media stream in a private status.

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