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#216 fixed What happens when you set a slug to an existing objectid? Anything bad? Christopher Allan Webber
Probably not, though that seems a bit nasty / tricky!

We might want to prevent someone from doing that though it probably
isn't a big deal.

#248 fixed Tutorial of the codebase documentation in wiki Christopher Allan Webber
If you're a new programmer, where does everything fit? We should
have a nice guide to this!
One thing we need is a tutorial of sorts for programmers.

This guide should describe just very generally:

-  the routing
-  the views
-  the templates
-  the forms
-  the database/models

... and point to other pages for more specific information :)

(A good strategy might be to do a "walkthrough" of one of the
existing, clearly developed and simple views, from start to finish,
which uses all these pieces?)

#254 fixed Directories in queue are not deleted automatically Aleksej
There are empty directories left in
user\_dev/media/queue/media\_entries/ after files are uploaded.

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