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#556 invalid Big Deal.... Hypersharing aepcam


Broadcasting Desktop Capture + save local or/and remote to a video channel in real time.

Ability to make MetaChanneling flushing instantly the update of the content of a channel into others relatives via TagManiac where other similar content channel owner can accept the content of the first one, TagManiac a search list of selectable hashtag categories and related channel infos that help to the users and channel owners to find and share video for similar media content groups, also helping when users need to categorize a new contribution. Using then their own Metaverso.

#557 fixed RIP out Mongo support spaetz

Now that we have transitioned from Mongo to SQL, and sqlalchemy is providing our database abstraction, it does not make lots of sense to abstract away the database abstraction layer.

I seriously suggest ripping out Mongo. I have actually done that with no ill side-effects (besides not supporting Mongo anymore) in this branch:

WIP/RIP_mongo repo: git://

This leads to quite some code simplification:

45 files changed, 1518 insertions(+), 3107 deletions(-)

the removing of an additional lookup layer and possibilities for further optimizations. (Such as transitioning away from the mongo-style alias "_id" to the "id" field that we actually use)

#558 fixed Honour user's browser language preference spaetz

A user accepting "klingon, de-de, de, it" will currently be served english web sites, as we try to serve the 1st choice and fall back to english if not available.

(WHY don't we have a klingon translation by the way???)

We need to fetch a list of available translations and match that up again the browsers accepted languages coming up with the best choice to use.

For this we can use 2 options: werkzeug.accepted_languages.best_match(['de', 'en']) which would be good, but probably is not sufficiently clever: initial test seems to show that preferred: "de-de, "en" available: "de", "en" would negotiate "en".

Alternatively there is "babel.negotiate" which seems to be cleverer and return "de" if preferred "de-de, en" and available "de, en".

Investigate and fix.

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