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#507 fixed Possibly get rid of WebOb, Routes, Beaker? Christopher Allan Webber

Joar has done some things to switch our requests over to werkzeug's request/response objects. It's possible we should finish the job. For part 1 of this ticket:

  • Replace all request and response objects with werkzeug requests/response objects
  • Remove webob from
  • Update documentation to reflect

If we do this, then maybe we should just get rid of Beaker and Routes. Possibly,

#512 fixed The video player is not responsive joar

The video player is not responsive.

To reproduce; open in a new browser window and resize it to about 400px wide.

#513 fixed Add STL Media Support Jeff Moe

It would be nice to have STL support. STL is the most common format used by 3D Printers and is easily exportable from a wide variety of CAD programs (free and proprietary), such as OpenSCAD and FreeCAD.

Currently the largest site hosting STLs is thingiverse. The thingiverse site is closed, and the company that runs it recently released a proprietary printer that uses proprietary software. A free alternative would be most welcomed.

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