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#445 cant-reproduce CELERYD: «[ERROR/PoolWorker-2] Could not discover» but «'is_audio': True» Jorge Araya Navarro

I update my public instance few hours ago and I tried to upload a song

[2012-04-30 22:02:53,579: INFO/MainProcess] Got task from broker: mediagoblin.processing.task.ProcessMedia[9f16205c-ef52-4358-96ad-243057a87338]
[2012-04-30 22:02:53,606: DEBUG/MainProcess] Mediator: Running callback for task: mediagoblin.processing.task.ProcessMedia[9f16205c-ef52-4358-96ad-243057a87338]
[2012-04-30 22:02:53,607: DEBUG/MainProcess] TaskPool: Apply <function execute_and_trace at 0x2e415f0> (args:('mediagoblin.processing.task.ProcessMedia', u'9f16205c-ef52-4358-96ad-243057a87338', [u'62'], {}) kwargs:{'hostname': '', 'request': {'retries': 0, 'task': 'mediagoblin.processing.task.ProcessMedia', 'utc': False, 'loglevel': 10, 'delivery_info': {'routing_key': u'celery', 'exchange': u'celery'}, 'args': [u'62'], 'expires': None, 'is_eager': False, 'eta': None, 'hostname': '', 'kwargs': {}, 'logfile': 'celeryd.log', 'id': u'9f16205c-ef52-4358-96ad-243057a87338'}})
[2012-04-30 22:02:54,522: DEBUG/MainProcess] Task accepted: mediagoblin.processing.task.ProcessMedia[9f16205c-ef52-4358-96ad-243057a87338] pid:9410
[2012-04-30 22:02:57,176: DEBUG/PoolWorker-3] Processing <mediagoblin.db.sql.models.MediaEntry object at 0x2e44790>
[2012-04-30 22:03:04,645: INFO/PoolWorker-3] Initializing AudioTranscoder
[2012-04-30 22:03:04,912: INFO/PoolWorker-3] Transcoding /srv/http/ into /tmp/tmpeZZH8B
[2012-04-30 22:03:04,912: INFO/PoolWorker-3] Discovering /srv/http/
[2012-04-30 22:03:09,300: ERROR/PoolWorker-3] Could not discover /srv/http/
[2012-04-30 22:03:09,300: INFO/PoolWorker-3] Quitting MainLoop gracefully...
[2012-04-30 22:03:09,301: DEBUG/PoolWorker-3] Discovered: {'_timeoutid': 0, 'audiocaps': {}, 'audiodepth': 0, 'videowidth': 0, 'audiofloat': False, 'dbin': <__main__.GstDecodeBin object (decodebin1) at 0x2e37a00>, '_nomorepads': True, 'audiorate': 0, 'audiochannels': 0, 'audiowidth': 0, 'videoheight': 0, 'tags': {'album': u'Discovery', 'nominal-bitrate': 128000, 'encoder-version': 0, 'track-number': 10, 'title': u'Voyager', 'artist': u'Daft Punk', 'encoder': u'Xiph.Org libVorbis I 20101101 (Schaufenugget)', 'genre': u'Electronica & Dance', 'composer': u'Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo/Thomas Bangalter', 'date': <GstDate: 1/1/2001>, 'album-artist': u'Daft Punk', 'bitrate': 128000, 'container-format': u'Ogg'}, 'bus': <gst.Bus object (bus4) at 0x2e480f0>, 'finished': True, 'typefind': <__main__.GstTypeFindElement object (typefind) at 0x2e480a0>, 'videorate': <gst.Fraction 0/1>, 'src': <__main__.GstFileSrc object (filesrc1) at 0x2e37fa0>, 'mimetype': 'application/ogg', 'audiolength': 0L, 'videolength': 0L, 'otherstreams': [], 'sinknumber': 1, '_max_interleave': 1.0, '_success': False, 'videocaps': {}, '_timeout': 3000, 'is_audio': True, 'is_video': False}
[2012-04-30 22:03:09,301: INFO/PoolWorker-3] Quitting MainLoop gracefully...
[2012-04-30 22:03:10,126: INFO/MainProcess] Task mediagoblin.processing.task.ProcessMedia[9f16205c-ef52-4358-96ad-243057a87338] succeeded in 15.6562681198s: None

this happens to mp3 songs too. for videos the error is different please watch ticket #444 for more information.

#446 duplicate Make it easier to download the published audio file Aleksej

Currently there is no visible link to download the WebM audio file, choosing “Save As” for the spectrogram saves the HTML page. The only way to download is to get the URL from e.g. Firefox’s Page Info, the page source code, or using a browser add-on.

#449 duplicate Add download link to audio media type Christopher Allan Webber

It would be good to have a "download" link appear in the sidebar or something for audio types so people can download an audio file if they enjoy it.

This should be super simple to do, and a great task for a new contributor.

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