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#173 FIXED "atom feed" copy should be capitalized Jef van Schendel Karen Rustad
In the contexts where the atom feed link appears, it's nearly
always on a page where all the other links are capitalized, which
makes "atom feed" stick out like a sore thumb. Let's change it to
"Atom feed" -- or, even better, replace it with a little feed icon
(with alt text, of course).

#174 FIXED Use of "Submit" in site copy is sterile and not as friendly and welcoming as it could be Jef van Schendel Karen Rustad
All over the site, we have exhortations to users to "Submit media",
"Submit an item", or even "Submit yer media!".

First of all, the inconsistency (all of these links go the same
place!) is silly. Let's have a standard usage in site copy, and if
variance is needed, we can justify that later.

Second, I've never liked "submit" in web copy. At best, it's rather
formal programmer-ese. At worst, it carries a whiff of
authoritarian control ("YOU WILL SUBMIT"). Neither of these matches
the tone of the site.

What do we think of, say "Add [yer] media"? Or even "Add pictures"
-- we may as well be specific, we don't support anything else yet

#175 FIXED Add explanatory copy to add/edit picture pages saying that tags are comma-separated Jef van Schendel Karen Rustad
It's not obvious whether tags are comma-separated or
space-separated, just by looking. Let's add a little bit of text to
make that clear!

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