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#22 fixed Add scaling requirements to the deployment docs Christopher Allan Webber
We should talk about what kind of server requirements you'll need
for about what size deployment somewhere in the deployment docs.

We don't really know yet and this is probably way down the road, so
marking this as low priority for now. But once we start doing
deployments, it should become higher in priority!

#23 FIXED Structure for testing views via webtest Christopher Allan Webber Christopher Allan Webber
We need to start testing views to make sure they work right. Right
now we should create a "test app" to start testing things in.

Use webtest:
` <>`_

The testing app should be importable from something like:

            from import get\_test\_app
            test\_app, webtest\_app = get\_test\_app()

where the test\_app is the MediaGoblinApp instance and webtest\_app
is a wrapped instance in webtest.

The testapp should do the following things:

-  create a new database with the database name
   '**mediagoblinunittests**' or something with the default connection
   settings, dumping an old database if it exists
-  Attach a instance to webtest with
   that database... see the structure of paste\_app\_factory to see
   how to do this
-  create a public\_store and a queue\_store that write to
   temporary directories. Use tempfile.mkdtemp() to create these
-  when calling setup\_celery\_from\_config it should make sure the
   mongodb database that it calls is the *mediagoblinunittests*
   database we created.

One note: cache the database connection in a global variable like\_CONNECTION and also note whether
celery is set up in\_IS\_SET\_UP...
we should only set up celery once :)

#24 wontfix smtp support for people who don't have an smtp server running Will Kahn-Greene
There are a series of things that GNU MediaGoblin will send email

This issue is to figure out how to GNU MediaGoblin can send email
without an MTA running on the local machine.

Perhaps just log sent email to a log file?

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