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#16 FIXED beardomatic chapter in docs Will Kahn-Greene Will Kahn-Greene
Chris is tentatively calling the stack we're using Beardomatic.
This stack needs some documentation to make it a lot easier to work
with for existing and new contributors. This documentation would
include the following:

1. the components in the software stack
2. how to create a new view
3. how to add something to the database
4. ...

Adding Chris to the watcher list so he can expound on the above

We currently have a "softwarestack" chapter. I think we should
rework that into a Beardomatic chapter and cover all the other
things in there.

#17 WONTFIX script to wipe data and environment Will Kahn-Greene
We need a script that a contributor could use to wipe their
buildout environment and the mongodb database.

This would be useful for:

1. testing clean-slate installs
2. development of initial startup stuff
3. fixing a development environment that's fux0rd due to bugs
4. some fourth thing

Adding Chris as a watcher because he asked me to make the bug.

#18 fixed make better sphinx templates Will Kahn-Greene
We use Sphinx to build the documentation. We need a better set of
templates so:

1. our docs look like our docs
2. our docs don't look like everyone else's docs
3. we can tweak the look-and-feel to make our docs more readable
   and usable

We should at least do a first pass of this for 0.0.1.

The templates are Jinja2 templates. It's possible we might be fine
with just adjusting the CSS.

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