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#116 FIXED Pagination should not display when there is only one page Christopher Allan Webber Jef van Schendel
Right now pagination always shows up, even where there is just a
single page to be shown. This means that many of the web pages have
a "1" floating around at the bottom.

#117 FIXED media_details template deprecated Christopher Allan Webber Caleb Davis
It looks to me like
mediagoblin/templates/mediagoblin/media\_details.html serves no
purpose anymore.

mediagoblin/templates/mediagoblin/user\_pages/media.html does
everything that media\_details ever dreamed of doing and more.
Also, no references to media\_details.html come up with a git

Shall we delete media\_details.html?

#118 fixed Provide option to limit upload size joar
Due to the possibility to overload a server by sending it HUGE POST
requests, we should provide an option to instance-owners to limit
the possible media upload size.

Presumably, we should put this option in ``mediagoblin.ini``.

We should also display this information to the end-user by
providing a notice in ``mediagoblin/submit/``.

Here's a handy snippet provided by cwebber/paroneayea that might
aid anyone pursuing this ticket's completion:
` <>`_

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