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#7 FIXED Mount sphinx docs at Matt Lee Christopher Allan Webber
GNU MediaGoblin sphinx docs are make'able by cd'ing into the docs
directory and running make.

We should have run the latest docs out of git

#8 wontfix Deployment via Silver LIning Christopher Allan Webber
Deployability is a big deal. We should research doing deployment
via `Silver Lining <>`_ which looks
like it would make deployment fairly easy and also looks very
easily compatible with the tools we already have. Currently
Rackspace Cloud seems to be the only reasonable option there, but
that doesn't seem any more terrible than shared hosting, and more
local hosting looks possible.

Trying to make a Silver Lining deployment option anyway can't be
anything but a good/useful idea.

#9 FIXED Make MediaGoblin development setup dead easy Christopher Allan Webber Christopher Allan Webber
Make it super, super simple to set up a development environment.

Unfortunately, as much as I prefer virtualenv for deployment, I
think it requires too much special python packaging knowledge to
maintain. I'm going to add support for / rewrite the hacking\_howto
section for using zc.buildout. Virtualenv will still be an option
(and that will be mentioned), but I'm fairly sure that zc.buildout
is the only option that makes working with such a codebase doable
for people who **aren't** deeply familiar with python packaging.

Also need to check in a basic working paste deploy config file to
make running the server simple.

(We'll probably keep virtualenv instructions in the deployment
guide but that's a ways off.)

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