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#46 FIXED Description not entered into database joar
Even if the description field is filled in in the image submission
for, the description is not inserted into the media\_entries


    { "_id" : ObjectId("4dc70bd5459d21649a000000"), "media_data" : { }, "attachment_files" : [ ], "description" : null, "title" : "Raksmorgas", "thumbnail_file" : [ ], "media_files" : { "main" : [ "media_entries", "4dc70bd5459d21649a000000", "100124-sweden-sucks.jpg" ], "thumb" : [ "media_entries", "4dc70bd5459d21649a000000", "thumbnail.jpg" ] }, "state" : "processed", "created" : "Sun May 08 2011 23:32:05 GMT+0200 (CET)", "uploader" : { "status" : "active", "pw_hash" : "HEHEHE", "created" : "Tue May 03 2011 11:30:26 GMT+0200 (CET)", "email_verified" : true, "username" : "joar", "verification_key" : "PEWPEW", "_id" : ObjectId("4dbfcb33459d211820000000"), "email" : "joar+mediagoblin.wandborg@fakehost", "plugin_data" : { } }, "media_type" : "image", "queued_media_file" : [ "media_entries", "4dc70bd5459d21649a000000", "100124-sweden-sucks.jpg" ], "tags" : [ ], "plugin_data" : { } }

#47 fixed It is possible to register 2 accounts with same email address Elrond Sebastian Spaeth
We can currently register two accounts with the same email address.
I am not sure if this is a feature or a bug, but it will be fun
when we implement the "forgot password" functionality. Can this be
limited on the database level or where would one check the

#48 FIXED Design upload process Jef van Schendel Jef van Schendel
This ticket exists to track the interaction design of the upload

I'll try to start designing this and post iterations to the mailing
list to get feedback.

Questions that need to be answered:

-  What are the different use cases? What goals do our users have?
-  How can we reach these goals in typical awesome GNU MediaGoblin
   fashion? What steps will the users have to take to upload media?
-  What kind of information will they need to provide in the forms?
   What should be mandatory and what should be optional?
-  How do we deal with uploading large amounts of images? How can
   we provide the best way to upload a single image, several images or
   a huge number of images?


After the design is done we can divide it into smaller parts, check
what still needs to be done and report bugs on those issues.

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