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#43 FIXED More useful errors for users who have registered but not verified their email Christopher Allan Webber
We should somehow warn users that they need to verify their email
before they can do anything.

We could do one of a few things:

-  When we redirect to login on pages that require an active user,
   include a GET parameter on the redirect to /auth/login/ like
   /auth/login/?needs\_verify\_email=true and display a warning that
   the reason that the user wasn't able to do something was because
   they need to verify their email
-  Put some text like "not verified" after the user's login name on
   each page?

In addition we should provide a means to resend the verification
email if it borked the first time, and maybe link to that.

#44 FIXED Basic user profile page, also bios Caleb Davis Christopher Allan Webber
Say we have the user cwebber, and we want to find out all about
cwebber! A little bio, what are the latest images, etc.


[\ :sub:`cwebber/](`\ cwebber/)

Should show a few of the latest images (not all, that's
[\ :sub:`cwebber/gallery/](`\ cwebber/gallery/)
) and also a personal bio, if a user has provided one.

` <>`_
should allow me to change my profile (for now, just adding a simple
bio is fine). It would be great to wrap that work into this

#45 FIXED Submissions shouldn't require titles Jef van Schendel
When submitting an image, it's currently necessary to fill in the
title field or the user will get a "Field must be between 1 and 500
characters long." notice.

However, a title should not be required when submitting. For
instance, when submitting a large amount of images the user might
not want to think of and type in titles for every single one. We
should leave it up to the user to determine whether titles are
needed or not, instead of blocking the submission process.

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