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#224 feature mentioned in text but it doesn't exist yet Caleb Davis defect critical ui fixed
#401 add plugin infrastructure Will Kahn-Greene enhancement major programming fixed
#405 Email notifications for new comments Derek defect major programming fixed
#432 Upload media button should be more visible Jef van Schendel defect major graphic design/interface fixed
#449 Add download link to audio media type defect major programming duplicate
#457 need to be more obvious regarding contributor-ship in docs/ defect major documentation fixed
#487 submission tests fail defect major programming fixed
#489 release notes for 0.3.1 need to be written task major programming fixed
#378 CC0 licensing for MediaGoblin Sphinx (docs) theme Christopher Allan Webber defect minor programming fixed
#464 Make Download links consistent Jakob Kramer task minor graphic design/interface fixed
#369 Thread locally scoped gettext Jakob Kramer defect trivial programming fixed
#462 Replace _make_safe by functools.wraps Jakob Kramer enhancement trivial programming fixed
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