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Patch to explain the permissions required for Nginx to serve static and uploaded files.

  • docs/source/siteadmin/deploying.rst

    diff --git a/docs/source/siteadmin/deploying.rst b/docs/source/siteadmin/deploying.rst
    index 741e965..4e9bac2 100644
    a b this ``nginx.conf`` file should be modeled on the following::  
    384384     }
    385385    }
     387The first four ``location`` directives instruct Nginx to serve the
     388static and uploaded files directly rather than through the MediaGoblin
     389process. This approach is faster and requires less memory.
     391.. note::
     393   The user who owns the Nginx process, normally ``www-data``,
     394   requires execute permission on the directories ``static``,
     395   ``public``, ``theme_static`` and ``plugin_static`` plus all their
     396   parent directories. This user also requires read permission on all
     397   the files within these directories. This is normally the default.
    387399Now, nginx instance is configured to serve the MediaGoblin
    388400application. Perform a quick test to ensure that this configuration
    389401works. Restart nginx so it picks up your changes, with a command that
    Security Considerations  
    429441   and restart the server, so that it creates a new secret key.
    430442   All previous sessions will be invalidated.
     445   Local variables:
     446   fill-column: 70
     447   End: