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    From: Alexandre Franke <alexandre.franke@gmail.com>
    Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2016 20:19:47 +0100
    Subject: [PATCH] Add links in site-admin documentation foreword
    Fixes #5490
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    a b Improving the Site Administrator's Guide  
    3434There are a few ways---please pick whichever method is convenient for
    37 1. Write up a bug report in the bug tracker
     371. Write up a bug report in the `bug tracker`_
    38382. Tell someone on IRC ``#mediagoblin`` on Freenode.
    39 3. Write an email to the devel mailing list.
     393. Write an email to the `devel mailing list`_.
    41 Information about the bugtracker, IRC and the mailing list is all on
     41More information about resources to contribute are available on
    4242the `join page`_.
     44.. _bug tracker: https://issues.mediagoblin.org/
     45.. _devel mailing list: http://lists.mediagoblin.org/listinfo/devel
    4446.. _join page: http://mediagoblin.org/join/
    4648Patches are the most helpful, but even feedback on what you think