23:03 Ticket #819 (Submitting media via the API plugin ignores tags) created by tryggvib
Tags are not parsed by the API plugin's submit function.


15:01 Milestone 0.6.0 completed


20:04 Ticket #818 (pbr is breaking things) created by vlado
I tried new instalation on debian, every stopped with error Attachment …
20:03 Ticket #817 (4 different similar strings about Markdown) created by Aleksej
Unless #389 gets fixed. ======================== #: …


20:32 Ticket #809 (Inconsistency between https://issues.mediagoblin.org/report/9 and ...) closed by Christopher Allan Webber
fixed: Okay, I cleaned up the config. The old states of "accepted" and …
20:13 Ticket #785 (Avoid non-https logins) closed by Simon Fondrie-Teitler
fixed: wiki.mediagoblin.org also works over https now, and requests to the …
19:53 Ticket #803 (federation - work together with D* community) closed by Christopher Allan Webber
wontfix: I'd be interested in working with the Diaspora people more and talking …
18:19 Ticket #630 (Media goblin gives error page after adding a media item to a collection) closed by NattilyPidgin
fixed: ok reviewed it and it was all great so I pushed it to master


14:49 Ticket #784 (Visual indication of media type on gallery page thumbnails) closed by Aleksej


17:23 Ticket #816 (BCV (Buscador de Contenidos en video) / BCV (content search in video)) created by Fabián Bonetti
youtube no quiere ser el primero. Por eso mi idea si es posible. BCV …


08:23 Ticket #815 (Replace non-ASCII curly single quotes in mediagoblin.ini with straight ...) created by ayleph
I just pulled down mediagoblin from git onto a new box and noticed …
02:14 Ticket #814 (Move from sqlalchemy-migrate to Alembic) created by Christopher Allan Webber
sqlalchemy-migrate is unmaintained. This is a pretty big deal …
01:48 Ticket #813 (Move MediaGoblin to Python 3) created by Christopher Allan Webber
It should be more or less possible to move MediaGoblin to Python 3, …


04:48 Ticket #812 (Was removed python-dateutil from instalation procedure?) created by vlado
DEBUG:mediagoblin.gmg_commands.dbupdate:No models found for …
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