16:57 Ticket #313 (A way to subscribe to comments) closed by rodney757
fixed: I'm pretty sure that this feature was added with joar's notification branch


15:47 Ticket #729 (Boolean field description should be off to the side) created by rodney757
A fix to move the description of checkboxes to the right of the …


16:48 Ticket #727 (./setup.py install broken because of missing packages) closed by Simon Fondrie-Teitler
fixed: This has been fixed by moving back to find_packages(). I'm resolving.


08:01 Ticket #728 (Collection page shows thumbnails in reverse order) created by Kushal Kumaran
The collection page at /u/<username>/collection/<collection> shows …


21:33 Ticket #727 (./setup.py install broken because of missing packages) created by Simon Fondrie-Teitler
right now the setuptools variable packages only includes …


21:49 Ticket #726 (Allow to embed GNU Mediagoblin player in a web page) closed by Emily O'Leary
duplicate: Thanks for submitting your ticket! Unfortunately I'm going to have to …
21:48 Ticket #705 (Allow a user to change their email associated with their account) closed by Christopher Allan Webber
fixed: It looks like this got merged into rodney's other mail repository from …
21:19 Ticket #721 (media type: video) closed by Emily O'Leary
invalid: Right above the commented out video media type line in mediagoblin.ini …
21:05 Ticket #107 (Email verification and forgot password verification tokens should expire) closed by Christopher Allan Webber
fixed: And with rodney's branch on #624 done, this is accomplished!
21:04 Ticket #624 (Consider using itsdangerous for mail tokens.) closed by Christopher Allan Webber
fixed: Top notch work, Rodney! Everything in this branch seems really well …
11:30 Ticket #726 (Allow to embed GNU Mediagoblin player in a web page) created by Julien Gouesse
Currently, the only way I've found to play a video stored in an …
11:21 Ticket #725 (The player doesn't run under Mageia Linux 2 in Mozilla Firefox 17 ESR) created by Julien Gouesse
The player doesn't start playing the video under Mageia Linux 2 in the …
11:11 Ticket #724 (The transformation of .3gp files always fails) created by Julien Gouesse
Hi It is possible to upload successfully a 3GP file, I get a …
06:41 Ticket #723 (Could not discover <file.mp4>) created by Danilo Tomasoni
Hi all, I followed the guide …


15:32 Ticket #722 (deployment guide improvements) created by Danilo Tomasoni
In deployment guide: the line: sql_engine = postgresql:///mediagoblin …
15:28 Ticket #721 (media type: video) created by Danilo Tomasoni
By default in the mediagoblin.ini file is written also the media type …
14:34 Ticket #720 ("file correctly uploaded" bar is misleading) created by Danilo Tomasoni
With my new fresh installation of MG I added a sample picture. Then …


08:25 Ticket #719 (support for timeside - an audio component) created by yair99
timeSide is an "Open and fast web audio components (Python, HTML, CSS …


19:04 Milestone 0.4.0 completed
Release of the Plugins! Document support!


15:48 Ticket #718 ([i18n] MediaGoblin Chinese (Simplified) translation) closed by Star Brilliant
fixed: Already submitted to …


15:41 Ticket #718 ([i18n] MediaGoblin Chinese (Simplified) translation) created by Star Brilliant
I have made the Simplified Chinese translation for MediaGoblin. I will …


14:57 Ticket #717 (Video thumbnails are not created) created by Danilo
When uploading a video, no thumbnail is created. Celery output (debug …
14:51 Ticket #716 (Wrong permissions for videos) created by Danilo
I'm running MediaGoblin under the "mediagoblin" user and serve the …


22:13 Ticket #452 (Test fails because table "ascii__mediadata" does not exist) closed by Jakob Kramer
fixed: This does not happen anymore. ;)


21:43 Ticket #697 (Expand the plugin author guide) closed by Christopher Allan Webber
fixed: I've expanded this significantly; I think this can be closed.


12:46 Ticket #496 (Airy theme needs a fitting feed (Atom/RSS) icon) closed by Aleksej
fixed: > The RSS icon has been updated to fit with Airy. So it's fixed; the …


22:52 Ticket #715 (Move CloudFiles storage backend over to pyrax) created by joar
python-cloudfiles is no longer being maintained, we should move to …


01:08 Ticket #714 ("Change forgotten password" e-mail subject is not localizable) created by Aleksej
Subject: "GNU MediaGoblin - Change forgotten password!" is not …
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