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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#5627 Generalise keyboard navigation enhancement minor graphic design/interface
#118 Provide option to limit upload size enhancement minor programming
#142 Make sure we're using 100% efficient queries / indexes Christopher Allan Webber enhancement trivial programming
#146 Make messaging system testable enhancement minor programming
#178 Have a Users page that lists all the users on a given install enhancement minor programming
#214 Switch celery keys to be all-uppercase Larisa Hoffenbecker defect minor programming
#248 Tutorial of the codebase documentation in wiki task minor documentation
#254 Directories in queue are not deleted automatically defect trivial programming
#328 Atom feed thumbnails enhancement minor programming
#358 New feed library that uses lxml defect minor programming
#361 MediaGoblin should show an appropriate, helpful error message when uploading unsupported media type defect minor programming
#387 write trac: macro for mediawiki Will Kahn-Greene enhancement minor infrastructure
#393 UTF-8 characters in ASCII art do not get into thumbnails joar defect minor programming
#412 Add instructions to install libjpeg-dev or equivalent to docs defect major documentation
#416 Invalid input causes unhelpful error messages defect major graphic design/interface
#425 Markdown Links in media description broken for media/dokuwiki targets Jakob Kramer defect major programming
#426 "Separate Celery" section outdated defect major documentation
#427 Improve and gather deployment documentation on additional media types defect major documentation
#433 Update dependencies (webob, sqlalchemy) Christopher Allan Webber defect major programming
#434 Two step guide to lower-footprint mediagoblin server deployments defect major programming
#437 Wrap bio text in <div> instead of <p> Christopher Allan Webber defect major graphic design/interface
#438 Celeryd Segmentation Fault Jorge Araya Navarro defect blocker programming
#447 A link to download the original audio file. Christopher Allan Webber enhancement minor programming
#448 SQLAlchemy session error [was: JPG upload fails] joar defect major programming
#450 Theming support enhancement major programming
#451 Convert all mongokit style .find, .find_one, .one calls over to SQLAlchemy queries enhancement minor programming
#452 Test fails because table "ascii__mediadata" does not exist defect minor programming
#453 Enable/disable comments option enhancement minor programming
#461 Add X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff to default nginx config in docs pythonsnake defect major documentation
#466 Make it easy to temporarily disable a plug-in Will Kahn-Greene enhancement minor programming
#468 Extra forms of Markdown we should be supporting but aren't Jakob Kramer defect minor programming
#469 Warn when the database structures need “./bin/gmg dbupdate” enhancement major programming
#470 Add more information to mediagoblin.ini enhancement minor programming
#476 document plugin infrastructure bits defect major documentation
#478 Recover and reset theme on defect minor infrastructure
#480 irclogs directory doesn't have indexing turned on defect major infrastructure
#481 Audio transcoding easily hogs up much space on /tmp defect major programming
#495 Central calendar for contributor dates enhancement minor infrastructure
#496 Airy theme needs a fitting feed (Atom/RSS) icon defect minor graphic design/interface
#502 Online/downloadable video has “640p” in its name, but 640 is the bigger side, not the height. defect minor programming
#505 upgrade to trac 1.0 defect major infrastructure
#520 Donation page uncertainty defect major infrastructure
#523 Small fixes needed in Spanish webpage about fundraising campaign Laura Arjona Reina enhancement trivial graphic design/interface
#524 Themes replace original HTML files completely Christopher Allan Webber defect major programming
#528 pagination fails from user page defect major programming
#535 Some files cause a mystery error - MakerNote Tag 0x0001 defect major programming
#549 Allow users to revoke an OAuth access grant enhancement major programming
#557 RIP out Mongo support task major programming
#568 please use signed git tags enhancement trivial infrastructure
#583 Create tests for atom feeds enhancement minor programming
#584 Can't read EXIF tags of some files spaetz defect major programming
#586 HTTPS/SSL support on Christopher Allan Webber defect major infrastructure
#592 Poor overflow handling for thumbnail titles defect major graphic design/interface
#599 Allow login by username OR email Jessica Tallon enhancement trivial programming
#601 Increase the max tag length limit NattilyPidgin enhancement major programming
#626 Seems that small images size are missing in the upload process task trivial infrastructure
#628 Add textcha to wiki Simon Fondrie-Teitler defect minor infrastructure
#630 Media goblin gives error page after adding a media item to a collection defect major programming
#651 Switch to Pillow? enhancement major programming
#652 Change display of EXIF data to show relevant info + all fields enhancement trivial programming
#654 Reporting pretty good video performance enhancement trivial infrastructure
#660 Move Storage docs from wiki to main docs NattilyPidgin defect major documentation
#661 New screenshots for the MediaGoblin site defect major graphic design/interface
#664 Overflow not handled at pages like delete media ones defect minor graphic design/interface
#667 Use lazy_pass_to_ugettext for forms aditi enhancement minor programming
#668 Replace beaker sessions with itsdangerous based sessions enhancement major programming
#669 Android client cleanup nyergler enhancement major programming
#675 Loading config file fails if "media_types = mediagoblin.media_types.image" in the config defect major programming
#678 Group Permissions enhancement major programming
#683 add mediaimport gmg command enhancement major programming
#686 Create User.url_for_self() method and use it enhancement major programming
#690 Enable 'relate to' plugin in trac enhancement minor infrastructure
#691 Travis intergration enhancement minor infrastructure
#703 Switch deployment docs over to recommend running MediaGoblin as www-data? defect major documentation
#718 [i18n] MediaGoblin Chinese (Simplified) translation enhancement major graphic design/interface
#727 ./ install broken because of missing packages defect major programming
#729 Boolean field description should be off to the side enhancement minor programming
#730 VPS use defect trivial infrastructure
#732 celeryconfig module not found when running dbupdate defect trivial programming
#738 reverse proxy to defect major infrastructure
#750 Support subtitles for video and audio enhancement major programming
#751 vague website defect major documentation
#757 Video upload ignored defect major programming
#761 [Python 2.6] OrderedDict ImportError defect major programming
#767 First point under "do this to upgrade" in release notes is something to do after upgrading defect major documentation
#768 "Deploying MediaGoblin" manual tells to "adduser --system", meaning no shell, then to "su -" without specifying a shell → cannot log in. defect critical documentation
#773 mediagoblin ascii art broken defect blocker programming
#776 Collections gallery needs better headings enhancement minor graphic design/interface
#778 Error while clicking on "Edit" buttons defect major programming
#780 Video player uses wrong dimensions for pane size defect major graphic design/interface
#785 Avoid non-https logins enhancement major infrastructure
#793 Forgot password features broken in master defect blocker programming
#805 Add template_hook near media_title enhancement trivial programming
#806 on setup, kombu 3.0 conflicts with celery 3.0.24 defect blocker programming
#807 update "gmg theme assetlink" in mediagoblin.ini defect minor documentation
#808 Terms' of Service header color needs changing in Airy defect major graphic design/interface
#812 Was removed python-dateutil from instalation procedure? defect major programming
#815 Replace non-ASCII curly single quotes in mediagoblin.ini with straight single quotes enhancement trivial documentation
#822 Plugin Writer’s Guide v.0.6.1 error defect major documentation
#829 Collection deletion confirmation does not mention that the thing to delete is a collection. defect minor graphic design/interface
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