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Ticket Summary Status Keywords Owner Type Priority
#518 Package MediaGoblin for Debian in_progress debian, packaging Simon Fondrie-Teitler enhancement critical
#5616 Update Leaflet.js, jQuery, Video.js - heck, check and upgrade them all! new packaging defect critical
#811 Move away from Paste* new paste, wsgi enhancement major
#863 A way for plugins to add translateable strings new plugins enhancement major
#5311 Improve plugin documentation in_progress pllugins documentation Laura Arjona Reina enhancement major
#82 "safety level"/ or some type of data for (mature) content moderation accepted plugin enhancement minor
#385 Show the original’s file size and dimensions on the file page accepted plugin enhancement minor
#638 meta-decorator hooks / emacs-lisp style advice accepted pluginapi enhancement minor
#696 Version checking against MediaGoblin for plugins accepted pluginapi enhancement minor
#933 Plugins should have a way to redirect to the login page new plugin, login enhancement minor
#5352 Automatically create local users on successful LDAP authentication new auth_ldap, allow_registration, email defect minor
#348 Ads support with Open X accepted plugin enhancement trivial
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