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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#5439 Use state other than "failed" to indicate draft blog posts new defect minor
#5449 UnicodeEncodeError with non-ASCII characters in comment emails accepted defect minor
#5452 Slow gmg command accepted enhancement minor
#5454 Add more translatable strings in blog plugin new defect minor
#5456 Add IPFS peer-to-peer based storage backend new enhancement minor
#5463 Allow deleting failed media from processing panel new enhancement minor
#5477 Browse all media new enhancement minor
#5480 WebTorrent new enhancement minor
#5482 mediagoblin-licenses is no longer on PyPi new defect minor
#5489 user_ldap: Log something on failure due to SSL problems new enhancement minor
#5492 Handle errors in case of unsuccessful commenting new defect minor
#5504 Support alternate URL prefixes new enhancement minor
#5510 Comments lost when navigating to next/previous media new defect minor
#5566 Display uploaded file size sum vs upload limit new enhancement minor
#5568 LDAP Plguin doesn't work well with Active Directory review enhancement minor
#5574 Continuous integration (CI) testing for MediaGoblin accepted enhancement minor
#5594 Remove audio spectrograms (cleanup now unused code) new defect minor 0.11.0
#5604 Enabling audio and video marks all previous uploads as failed new defect minor 0.11.0
#5605 Atom feed compatibility with podcatchers new enhancement minor
#5611 Upgrade issue from 0.9 to 0.10 new enhancement minor
#5613 Configuration for default video quality accepted defect minor
#5615 Find out about the package.json mentioned in extlib/README new defect minor
#164 Consider cache "table" accepted enhancement trivial
#229 import from flickr -> mediagoblin accepted enhancement trivial
#260 A way for a reader to see thumbnails/resized versions in other sizes accepted enhancement trivial
#268 display where media is used (on external locations) accepted enhancement trivial
#346 Keyboard shortcuts accepted enhancement trivial
#351 Markdown editor accepted enhancement trivial
#541 Use versioned API URLs new joar enhancement trivial
#572 Move Columns from MediaEntry to ProcessingMetaData new enhancement trivial
#600 "Liberate my data" (data export button) new spaetz enhancement trivial
#816 BCV (Buscador de Contenidos en video) / BCV (content search in video) new enhancement trivial
#1042 Embed Open Graph data into relevant pages new enhancement trivial
#5034 Inconsistent variable syntax in new enhancement trivial
#5064 Add option to override ./configure'd virtualenv new defect trivial
#5494 Use gi.require_version('GstPbutils', '1.0') before importing GstPbutils review defect trivial
#5512 Disable Mozilla Persona plugin review defect trivial
#5522 Add pixel to test_exif_image_orientation review defect trivial
#5535 Remove unused local variables review task trivial
#5565 Display file size of uploaded media new enhancement trivial
#5567 Allowing setting per-user upload limits new enhancement trivial
#5618 Add some example config new enhancement trivial
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